greek style yoghurt

Our Greek yoghurt is made by fermenting milk from the green pastures of Victoria, Australia, with live bacteria cultures. The mixture is then strained multiple times, removing the liquid whey, and giving the yoghurt a rich velvety texture. The end result is a more solid yogurt with less sugar, fewer carbohydrates, and more protein compared to regular yogurt.

The greek style yoghurt used in gelativo is produced from natural ingredients including the strains of live yoghurt culture: Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidus and Casei which help to maintain or restore the natural balance in the digestive system.

Greek yogurt has a smooth, thick and creamy texture and is slightly tangier than regular yoghurt. It’s thicker because it is strained to remove much of the liquid while keeping intact the high-quality protein that’s naturally found in dairy.