The story of gelativo

gelativo was created with one clear objective in mind:
to find the purest and finest ingredients from around
the world and craft them into the best possible gelato,
sorbet and frozen yoghurt.

To achieve this we use ingredients in their raw and
most natural form combined with a passion for evoking
pleasure and delight in every frozen bite. Our belief
is that the less done to the ingredients the purer
the result.

From the very start, our emphasis has been on balancing
nutrition with quality to create stunningly flavoured
desserts that are as healthy as they are delicious.
We pride ourselves on bringing innovation by using only
fresh ingredients without the use of flavours, colours
or preservatives to offer the freshest premium taste
throughout our extensive range.

To this date, all of our creations are based on the
belief that unless you put the best things in, you
can’t expect to get the best out.