Frequently asked questions

Q: What does the name gelativo mean?
A: Viva la dolce vita! in Italian means to “live the sweet life” and back when our company began in 2003 we thought long and hard about a suitable name for our all natural gelato that would capture the spirit of viva la dolce vita. We played around with gelatino but thought it sounded a bit too much like gelatin which is an ingredient used as a gelling agent (made from animal hides and hooves) and not used in our products. We eventually came up with a hybrid of gelato and vivo (to live) and gelativo was born.

Q: What is gelato?
A: Gelato is simply Italy’s version of ice cream. Gelato is made with milk, cream, sugars, and flavor from typically fresh fruit puree, cocoa and/or nut purees. It’s a healthier alternative to ice cream, is lower in fat, has more intense flavour (due to less air) and is served at a warmer temperature so that it is softer and smoother.

Q: What is sorbet?
A: Sorbet is a refreshing frozen dessert that is made primarily with pureed fruit, water and sugar, similar to gelato but with no dairy products. Sorbet is 100% fat free.

Q: Where did gelato originate?
A: Many ancient cultures are thought to have enjoyed frozen desserts made from snow, including the Chinese Emperors, Ancient Romans and Egyptians. The invention of modern gelato, made with dairy products, is credited to the Florentian Bernardo Buontalenti, who first presented his creation to the court of Catherine de Medici. Italians are widely credited for popularising gelato in the rest of the world.

Q: What is the difference between ice-cream and gelato?
A: There are two main differences between gelato and ice cream.
Firstly Ice Cream has a high percentage of butterfat, resulting in more calories and more fat. Gelato uses more milk and a lot less cream, saving you from very unfriendly calories.
Secondly, ice cream contains more air (upwards of 50%!), significantly compromising authentic taste and flavor. Gelato uses less air to create a denser and richer product that is full of flavor, but light on your palate. Whilst some air in the product is needed for structure and malleability, too much air will leave it flavourless and without body.

Q: What’s the best temperature to serve gelativo?
A: Gelato and sorbet are traditionally served at around -10C to -14C. If your freezer is set colder than this, it’s best to allow the product to soften for a few minutes before eating to accentuate the intense flavours and creamy texture!

Q: Are your products suitable for vegetarians?
A: gelativo sorbets do not contain any animal products. Our gelato contains fresh milk and cream but no other animal products.

Q: I have a nut allergy, are your products suitable for me?
A: Some of our products have nuts in the ingredients such as our Hazelnut gelato and this will always be indicated on the packaging and product information online. The remainder of our range will show a ‘Nuts are used in the facility where this product is made’ warning on the packaging due to shared production lines in our factory, although every effort is made to prevent cross contamination.

Q: Are your products suitable for coeliacs?
A: Yes all gelativo products are gluten free. The glucose used in all of our products is derived from maize (corn).

Q: Do any of your products contain alcohol?
A: No. All products are alcohol free.

Q: Can I recycle the tubs and packaging?
A: The tubs, lids and multi-packs are made from paperboard and 100% recyclable.

Q: Where are you based?
A: Our gelato makers are hard at work in the kitchens of our Australian based factory. Our head office is in Rozelle, Sydney.

Q: I’d love to work for gelativo do you have any vacancies? (I promise not to eat all the gelativo)
A: At gelativo we believe you should be passionate about flavour and we’re always looking for like-minded people to join the team! Please send a CV and a cover letter to human resources department or email us at

Q: Where can I buy your products?
A: Gelativo is available at Woolworths, IGA, Foodworks, Spar, Supabarn, and many other independent supermarkets and convenience stores. If you would like your closest gelativo stockiest, please click here to go to our Contact Us page and leave an enquiry.

Q: What shall I do if I want to sell your products?
A: If you are an independent retailer please click here to go to our wholesale enquiry form. A sales representative will then contact you to discuss your requirements further.

Q: Can I sell your gelativo if I live outside Australia?
A: We are always keen to introduce other citizens of the world to gelativo! Please email us information on your business proposal and we will forward it on to our management team for their consideration.

Q: How can I get access to competitions or other fun stuff you are up to?
A: You can follow us on facebook to keep in the loop with any competitions we might be running as well as info on events, sampling and other fun stuff.

Q: I’m pregnant, are your products suitable for me?
A: It’s always best to consult your doctor, but we can advise you that the milk and cream that we use in our gelativo products are pasteurized.

Q: Are your products Halal certified?
A: Yes. Our products are certified by Halal Australia.